NetLED WiFi-enabled, app-controllable, LED light tubes come to Japan

Because deep down, all you've ever really wanted are smartphone adjustable WiFi-LED light tubes controlled by a remote server out in the ether. Snarkiness aside, that's exactly what Japan's Net LED Technology Corporation has done with a lighting system it lovingly calls NetLED. The setup isn't for frugal types as, before even purchasing lights, you'll need to plunk down 60,000 yen (around $780) for a netLED router that serves as an intermediary between those fixtures and the company's remote server. The addition of that hardware enables the 19,800 yen (around $260) WiFi-equipped 40W LED arrays to be monitored and adjusted remotely via a web browser or an iPhone app. And, if WiFi tubes are too rich for your blood, each WiFi-toting fixture can be paired with up to three cheaper WiFi-less slaves that cost 14,000 yen (around $182). It's complex and pricey stuff, yet the company estimates you'll cut energy consumption by half after you amass 200 units. Those brave enough to find out, can take the plunge February 20th when it all goes on sale -- just let us know how you fare, cool? In the meantime, get up close and personal with a shot of the light emitters themselves after the break.