Camera-less iPhone 4S now available in Singapore, military approves

Rhyming schemes aside, it's hard to imagine why anyone would want a camera-less iPhone 4S. But that's exactly what Singaporean operator M1 is offering today, with the launch of a new line of "non-camera" iPhones. As it turns out, Singapore's military prohibits its soldiers from owning camera-equipped cellphones, which presents problems for the many men who have to serve a mandatory two-year term. With M1's new modified iPhone 4 and 4S, though, they'll be in the clear, since both devices have been approved by no less an authority than Singapore's Ministry of Defense, or MINDEF. According to the provider, both front- and rear-facing cameras have been completely removed from the devices, and "may not be reinstalled." They're all available now on a two-year plan, for about $38 more than their fully-outfitted counterparts. Singapore's two other operators, SingTel and StarHub, tell CNET that they're also looking to roll out a line of MINDEF-approved iPhones, though neither could offer a timeline for their release.