German court shoots down Samsung's 3G patent lawsuit against Apple

Germany's Mannheim Regional Court has just issued a decision on one front of the ongoing dispute between Apple and Samsung, ruling against one of the Korean manufacturer's several patent infringement claims. At issue is a Samsung patent pertaining to the 3G / UMTS standard -- one of seven that Apple has been accused of infringing. Today, Judge Andreas Voss rejected Samsung's claim, though the reasoning behind this decision remains somewhat murky. According to FOSS Patents, however, the validity of the patent itself probably wasn't the driver behind Voss' ruling, since any doubts would have resulted in a stay, rather than an outright rejection. FOSS speculates that the court determined either that Apple wasn't infringing upon Samsung's patent, or that Samsung has simply exhausted its IP rights.

In a statement, Samsung said it has yet to decide whether it will appeal today's ruling. "We are disappointed that the court did not share our views regarding the infringement by Apple of this specific patent in Germany," spokesman Nam Ki-yung said. "It should be noted that today's ruling relates to only one of several patents asserted by Samsung in the Mannheim court." We're still awaiting official documentation, and will update this post as soon as we hear more.