Boingo offers free Wi-Fi to 3DS users at select UK airports

No longer will exotic StreetPasses be the sole reason for you to loiter around the airport. In between the acquisition of traveling Miis, you can now pass the time with some free Wi-Fi.

Similar to its deal in North America, Boingo has set up free Wi-Fi hotspots that will allow 3DS users to automatically connect when in range at London Heathrow, Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Gatwick and Stansted airports ... unless you plan on checking out some PDF files or watching a Flash cartoon online, that is. We don't know about you guys but that's, like, 90 percent of what we do on the internet over here in America.

The other ten percent of the time? Google image searches of Atsushi Inaba, of course. Best hair in the biz!