Minecraft LEGO set passes review, will become official product

Last month, Mojang submitted a Minecraft project on LEGO Cuusoo, a site that gives amateur LEGO artisans a shot at creating an official set of bricks. Said project managed to accrue the required 10,000 supporters in a matter of days and has since been under review by the fine people at LEGO. Until now, as the LEGO Cuusoo blog has revealed that the Minecraft project has passed the LEGO review, meaning it will become an official LEGO product.

While the set isn't quite ready for primetime, LEGO Cuusoo notes that LEGO is "developing a concept that celebrates the best aspects of building with the LEGO system and in Minecraft." The site asks for patience, adding that "these things take time."

Indeed, we don't envy the task of translating the vibrant world of Minecraft into a set of sparsely detailed square blocks.