SITA and Orange develop NFC-based airport check-ins, let you bump the TSA (video)

You've been there before -- fumbling in-front of a non-enthused security agent, trying to download your fancy mobile boarding pass over an uncooperative network. It's that kind of awkwardness that SITA and Orange are trying to avoid with their NFC-based check-in solution. In their joint proof-of-concept, the duo embedded ticket credentials into an NFC-capable SIM card -- meaning phones without NFC circuitry can also use the tech -- which enables airport plebes to check-in, get through security, board planes and even enter lounges with just a wave of your phone. And because you're not futzing with loading a webpage, nor relying on a fussy image-based scanner, the tech should mean less time spent waiting at checkpoints. Writing that info onto the SIM has other advantages, as it can still be read even when your device runs out of juice. So, next time you're jet setting into Geneva -- you know, to deposit something totally non-nefarious into your Swiss bank account -- peep the demonstration area at SITA's HQ. Or, if you're not the globetrotting type, a video explaining all awaits after the break.