Motorola announces RAZR Developer Edition with unlocked bootloader for Europe, US variant on the way

Promises. You can either let technicalities get in your way of fulfilling them, or you can just find a way to keep them. Motorola, it seems, wants to do the latter. Sorta. In a new blog post, the outfit announced the Motorola RAZR Developer Edition, a fully unlockable version of the handset destined for European shores. The announcement didn't come with a release date, but pointed towards a (currently non-functional) pre-order page for the CM7 hungry. Don't fret, America -- Motorola's thinking of you as well, mentioning that a similar developer device will be available in the United States through MOTODEV, the firm's developer network. Ready to furiously refresh the pre-order page until it goes live? Check out the links below.

[Thanks, Michael]