German court upholds ban on original Galaxy Tab 10.1

While Samsung was more than willing to redesign its flagship tablet in the face of the German court's ruling last year, the higher regional court in Dusseldorf maintains that the original still can't be sold within its borders. As Samsung and Apple continue their legal fisticuffs worldwide, the claim from Cupertino that the 10.1-inch Android tablet is too similar to its own iPad has seen more attention than most. Samsung returned the favor by counter-suing over mobile technology patents, although it's been just as unfortunate here, losing two out of the three infringement claims. The final case will be ruled on in early March. Today's decision will also encompass the Galaxy Tab 8.9, although given that this ruling is based on Germany's own unfair competition law, it's unlikely to be replicated elsewhere. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Tab 10.1N remains on shelves -- and very desperate tablet fans remain just a short drive away from neighboring countries still able to sell the original.