Green Charge: an app that helps your EV talk to you (video)

The maker of PlugShare is determined to satisfy your EV needs with a new app that'll feed the data from your Leaf or Volt straight to your iOS device. GreenCharge monitors your battery data, charging speed, efficiency of recent journeys and environmental impact and keeps it to hand in handy graphical form. You can chart your price-per-mile (compared to using petrol) and monitor your environmental impact -- sending all this data to your friends over Facebook or Twitter. If you're considering dropping some cash on an EV but don't trust the salesman, sync it up to a demonstration vehicle and it'll give you the deep dish without any fluff. You'll be able to pick it up from the App store today for $10 (equal to three days gas, but then you did just save $1,000 on your new Volt) and if you're not convinced, we've got a cornucopia of treats to whet your appetite after the break.

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GreenCharge App for Electric Vehicle Enthusiasts Launches Today in the iOS App Store

Mobile App Measures Real Time Environmental and Economic Impact of Electric Vehicles

PALO ALTO, CA, Jan 31, 2012 – Xatori Inc., creators of PlugShare, the nation's largest electric vehicle charging network, today introduces its second product, GreenCharge. The mobile application allows users to view real time battery data and to see and share the environmental and monetary benefits of owning an electric vehicle. GreenCharge is available for $9.99, the average electricity cost of driving an electric vehicle 240 miles, the average distance an American drives in one week. The app is now available for download in the iTunes App Store for use on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

The GreenCharge app is a must-have utility for electric vehicle owners and those considering one. The app provides real time charging information by syncing directly with an eligible electric vehicle such as a Nissan LEAF or Chevy Volt. In addition, GreenCharge is the first and only app to connect driving data with local energy pricing to give personalized data about the cost of operating an electric car. EV owners can also see the environmental impact of driving in terms of carbon offset. By providing this information, GreenCharge empowers EV owners and enthusiasts alike to better understand and communicate the advantages of electric vehicles.

With the GreenCharge app, users can:

Seamlessly sync data from their Nissan LEAF or Chevrolet Volt
Test out a demonstration vehicle to simulate driving and cost information if considering purchasing an EV
Get real time charging, battery, and range information for their electric vehicles
See their daily, weekly, and monthly driving broken down by mileage and price
Share their daily, weekly, and monthly driving information on Twitter and Facebook, or via email.
See how many pounds of CO2 emissions they have offset by driving an electric vehicle instead of a gasoline vehicle
Compare savings from their electric vehicle to a traditional gasoline vehicle

"I've talked to too many people who have been confused about the benefits and operating costs of an electric vehicle" said Forrest North, CEO of Xatori Inc. "We built GreenCharge to let EV owners understand their cars and educate others on the true environmental and monetary benefits of driving an electric vehicle."

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About Xatori Inc.
Xatori is a Palo Alto-based software company founded in 2010 that builds innovative software for electric vehicles and an enlightened electricity grid. CEO Forrest North was previously founder and CEO at Mission Motors and an engineer at Tesla Motors. CTO Armen Petrosian was previously an engineer at Amprius and on the Stanford Solar Car team. Advisors include Max Levchin (co-founder of PayPal and Slide) and Marc Tarpenning (co-founder of Tesla Motors).