Meet Spark, the 200 euro slate packing Linux-based Plasma Active UX

As we all know, the Kindle Fire's hot, Apple's selling bushels of iPads, and there's plenty of Honeycomb slates out there for you to choose from, but what if you want a tablet free from corporate influence? Enter Spark, a seven-inch slate that comes running the Plasma Active UX, an open-source OS based on Linux kernel, KDE's multi-platform Plasma environment and a dash of Qt for good measure. Now, this isn't just a consumer tablet -- Spark's aimed at "those who love writing great software... using the typical Linux tools" -- but it will offer access to ebooks from Project Gutenberg, plus Qt and QML apps, too. It's powered by a 1GHz AMLogic ARM processor, has a Mali-400 GPU and comes with 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, plus an SD card slot for future expansion. Modest underpinnings, to be sure, but for €200 ($262), you can't expect quad core silicon, right? Naturally, order and delivery dates remain a mystery, but plenty of other info about the open-source slate can be found at the source below.