Upgraded DirecTiVos from WeaKnees are on deck

The only thing better than finally receiving the DVR you've waiting five years for is receiving one with four times the capacity as your provider wanted to give you. That is exactly what WeaKnees has done for years and exactly what it's doing now with the latest DirecTiVo, now that the first shipment has been received. For $599 you can now order the THR22 with a 2TB hard drive ($400 premium over the stock unit) which thanks to the magic of MPEG-4 -- and over-compression -- means a whole lot of recording capacity. The only rub is that technically these are "leased" boxes and would need to be returned to DirecTV if you ever canceled your service. And then there is the warranty, which has to be done via WeaKnees, else your potential replacement box won't include the premium capacity you paid for.