ASUS 'TF300T' slate makes an appearance, could be the next Transformer?

While ASUS is still trying to get a firm grip on its latest Transformer, a purported next-gen member of its Eee Pad family is now happily circulating the web. Taiwanese site NCCC claims to have come across what could be a followup to the Transformer Prime. The 10.1-inch slate raised the leak alarms when a QuieTek certification document revealed its "TF300T" codename, which is numerically higher than its Transformer brethren, the OG (TF101) and Prime (TF201). Furthermore, there are no rumored specs, and aside from the blood-like color on the tablet's back -- there isn't much to tell it apart from its quad-core sibling. We'll keep you in the loop if more juicy info fills our glass, in the meantime you can head over to the source for some additional eye-candy.