AT&T connected Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S get Android Market Google Wallet installs

So far, Google Wallet has its official US availability on NFC-compatible handsets limited by unfriendly carriers with their own mobile payment services in mind, but it appears that is no longer the case for Nexus handsets with AT&T SIMs inserted. Droid-Life reported the app is available in the market for AT&T-SIM'd HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus phones, which we were able to confirm on our own device (over any connection, as long as the AT&T card is in, switching back to a T-Mobile SIM made it disappear from the market again, although of course the app still worked). We also found it was available on our Nexus S under the same conditions, however that official blessing did not extend to the NFC-compatible Galaxy S II Skyrocket or Galaxy S II Global we tried. Interestingly, Droid-Life has also noticed easy access downloads for VZW Nexus that are rooted with their bootloaders unlocked, and of course there's still always another way to get it.