HTC Sensation puts on a white coat to match its Ice Cream Sandwich innards (updated)

You may have already moved on to more Amaze-ing HTC phones, but there's nothing like a new coat of paint to rekindle consumer interest in its older, less Sensational offerings. And so, the handset that ushered in Sense 3.0 and its signature lockscreen is getting a visual refresh and a belly full of Google's latest mobile OS, just not at the same time. A release from Dutch PR firm Whizpr has that handset, newly encased in a White Ice-colored unibody, pegged for a March 1st release overseas running Ice Cream Sandwich. No mention was made as to whether the device would actually ship with the new UI onboard or if it'll bear the marks of Sense 4.0, but knowing the company, you can likely count on it. For the rest of you current Sensation owners, don't despair, an OTA update keeping that O.G. handset up-to-speed should be on the way "soon."

Update: HTC reached out to let us know that this white ice Sensation will actually ship with Android 2.3 Gingerbread out of the box. A planned update to Ice Cream Sandwich is still on track for some time early this year.