HP feels the heat, recalls 1040 and 1050 fax machines

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|02.03.12

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HP feels the heat, recalls 1040 and 1050 fax machines
Hey, office workers -- listen up. You know that cheap, god-forsaken fax machine that you've come to loathe something fierce? Well, if it's an HP unit, go ahead and peep the model number on the front -- don't worry, we'll wait. If it says either 1040 or 1050, in addition to being a pain in the ass to operate (like all fax machines are), there's also a small chance the cursed thing could catch on fire. Of the 1.1 million units sold between 2004 and 2011, only seven documented cases have (literally) gone up in flames, but the risk has instigated a voluntary recall for both models. If you're among the affected owners, go ahead and unplug the machine from its power source, then give HP a call at (888) 654-9296 to get a rebate. Also, be forewarned that while it's illegal to sell a recalled product, we've found scads of these units currently for sale on eBay. Like the previously recalled HP products, that's one smokin' hot deal we're inclined to skip.
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