RIM wrecks its own devices, so you don't have to (video)

Bend, drown, drop and zap? No, that's not your mnemonic device for surviving a fire, it's actually RIM's protocol for destroying their own products. In a trio of behind-the-scenes videos released today, the company's pulled back the curtain on its Hardware Support Lab's process, giving users a peek at the rigorous testing involved with any of its pre-market releases. Designed to keep that pricey kit functioning in top form, these various tests replicate everyday foibles, so when you actually do drop your phone in the toilet, it'll (hopefully) still work. Wondering what sort of travails and pitfalls have been perpetrated upon Waterloo's own portfolio of gadgets? For starters, there's something called a "Moisture Ingress Test" which gauges the quality of a device's seal by dropping it into dyed water -- repeatedly. Or a series of durability tests, that simulate the crushing weight of your posterior upon a defenseless BlackBerry, amongst other potentially embarrassing scenarios. It's the stuff of standard gadget abuse, as well as a panacea for the worries of the accident prone. Click on past the break below to engage in a brief bit of rubbernecking.