Sony Cyber-shot TX300V inductive charging camera and dock hands-on (video)

You may have thought that Sony's Cyber-shot TX200V was the company's most powerful point-and-shoot to date, but that's not exactly true. The company has a Japan-only version of the TX200V called the TX300V, and it's quite a compelling upgrade. The camera's most appealing addition comes in the form of a wireless charging and transfer dock -- it refuels your pocket snapper through inductive charging while also wirelessly transferring images to your computer using TransferJet. It can also draw power from your computer's USB port (no AC adapter required). Oh, and it ships in the camera box.

Sadly, there aren't any plans to sell this iteration outside of Japan, and Sony's mum on pricing and availability. The camera transferred images and charged without issue during our demo (the Charge indicator lit up, at least -- we didn't stick around to watch it charge the camera). We went hands-on with the TX300V and its charging dock at CP+ in Yokohama, and you can check the camera kit out in all its glossy black glory just past the break.