Sony promises eight more NEX E-mount lenses by the end of 2013, doesn't elaborate

Have you been holding out on that NEX purchase because of the currently limited E-mount lens selection? Well, Sony's got some good news for you -- there will soon be eight additional lenses to choose from (for a total of 15), with all models making it into circulation by the end of 2013. That's still no match for the hundreds of optics available for Canon or Nikon DSLRs, but you'll at least be able to build a collection that covers (almost) all of your bases. Sony hasn't detailed any of these upcoming models, but the company's chart above lists a few categories, including a High Performance Standard Zoom in the pricey Zeiss category, along with High-magnification, Standard, Wide Angle and Mid-magnification Zooms. There will also be a trio of prime lenses, including a Large Aperture Standard lens, a Middle Telephoto and a "Snap" (pancake) optic. We're just as anxious as you to find out exactly what Sony has in mind for each of these categories, but you should at least take some comfort in knowing that the E-mount collection is far from complete.