Apple seeks injunction against Samsung in California with newly acquired patents (update: Galaxy Nexus targeted)

You can now add one more case to the long list of disputes between Apple and Samsung. As PaidContent reports, Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung in the Northern District of California federal court on Tuesday, seeking a temporary injunction on the basis of two patents it obtained in December. One of those reportedly concerns the autocorrect feature found on iPhones and iPads, but details on the case otherwise remain a bit light as the complaint itself is still under seal. We'll keep you posted as we get more information.

Update: Some additional details from the complaint have now come to light, and it turns out Apple is citing two additional patents in addition to the pair acquired in December (one of them related to the slide-to-unlock feature). What's more, it's also been revealed that Apple is targeting one specific device in this case: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Given the patents, however, it's pretty clear that Apple taking aim at the Android 4.0 operating system rather than the phone's hardware, as it has in earlier cases against Samsung.