Provisioning for prepaid Google Wallet cards on hold while PIN-related security hole gets fixed

Remember that Google Wallet exploit from a few days ago? The one that would allow 'brute-force' PIN attacks, but only on rooted Android devices? Well, another PIN-related security hole was discovered soon after, putting even non-rooted Androids at risk. As Android Central points out, should your phone make its way into the wrong hands, your Google Wallet PIN number could be reassigned, allowing access to the prepaid account attached to the phone itself -- yikes. As such, the folks at Mountain View have taken action, shuttering provisions to prepaid cards until it finds a permanent fix for the problem. Despite the troubles, Google is sticking by its original tune, stating that Google Wallet offers multiples levels of protection (when used on official builds of Android) that go beyond traditional plastic cards, including your phone's lock screen. There's no estimate on when things will be back to normal, but you'll find Google's assessments and assurances about this situation at the source link below.