The Queue: You will die, we promise

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

It's pretty nice of Blizzard to make sure you know that its game will kill you.

Coffee asked:

With the arrival of account-wide achievements, do you think Blizzard will add something where our achievement points have some in game effect? For example, special vendors that will only sell to you if you have greater than 3000 achievement points, another vendor that will sell different items if you have over 5000, etc...

Like I said on the podcast recently, I've learned never to say never about anything Blizzard could possibly do in relation to WoW, but the devs have stated several times that they never intended for achievement points to be a real currency. So, I doubt it, but with account-wide achievements and other systems changes coming with MoP, we'll just have to wait and see.

Foxfire asked:

You have featured 'mogging guides for the Stormwind and Oggrimar guards. Will WoW Insider show some love for the Mages and give us a guide for the Mages of Dalaran?

I'll pass the suggestion along to Anne.

Bijou asked:

I've been away from the game for about a year, but I started up again this week when a friend from work wanted to try it out. I'm a Level 85 Paladin and I am rusty as heck! The game feels so much different than I remember it. There seem to be lots of quests in Orgrimmar now for me to pick up but I don't know where to start or what order to do them. What should I be focusing on? Randoms? The Zul'Gurub stuff? The Thrall quest line? I'm overwhelmed. Any help would be great!

Do the Thrall quest line for the experience and the free cloak at the end. Then, focus on doing the three new Dragon Soul heroics. The DS heroics give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to time spent and rewards received. When you've geared up with those, you can try your hand at the new Raid Finder system that'll let you get a shot at downing Deathwing and getting some high-end gear at a reasonable difficulty level.

Vanillabean asked:

So with achievements going account wide, does that mean because I got Champion of the Naaru and Hand of A'dal on Horde toons I no longer play (I am Alliance)... I should be able to use those titles on my shiny new toons??

Ostensibly, yes. That's what they're going for. Titles, mounts, reward items, all that kind of thing would be available to all of your characters after getting the achievement on one character.

Chris Maclellan asked:

I continue to hoard all Pyrite Ore, in the hopes that I will be able to prospect Cata-epic gems one day ... am I delusional?

Unfortunately, yes. This late in the expansion, it's highly, highly unlikely that this change will happen. It probably would've happened with 4.3, if it was going to at all.

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