Cut the Rope and Where's my Water getting toys, more content

The New York Toy Fair is on this week, and so collectors and toy buyers alike are hearing about all sorts of new products. And given that the iPhone is one of the largest brands around, it's probably no surprise that iOS-based game properties are very popular this year. Disney's Where's My Water is the latest iPhone game to get toys made for it. There are plush dolls coming soon of the main alligator character, as well as rubber duckies modeled after the duckies you collect in the acclaimed physics puzzler.

And Cut the Rope's Om Nom Nom already has a plush made of himself, but there's even more on the way. Mattel has signed a deal to provide a board game based on the popular iPhone title, and it will apparently interact directly with the Cut the Rope app on your iPad as you play. Jakks Pacific has signed a deal to bring the game to your TV, with a dedicated toy that plugs in with the game pre-installed. And we can't leave the game itself out: There's an update coming (actually for the Cut the Rope: Experiments spinoff) called Bath Time, that adds some water-related puzzles to the mix.

It's a sign of just how big Apple's App Store has gotten that these iPhone developers are able to spin properties off the games on this platform. Certainly both of these games have a lot going for them (EA owns Chillingo, which publishes Cut the Rope, in addition to Disney's Where's My Water), but the fact that these toys are being made at all speaks to how big the audience for these games is.