LG Optimus Vu gets pictured alongside Samsung Galaxy Note, hints at possible stylus

LG's recently leaked five-inch Optimus Vu has been showing of its curious 4:3 proportions again -- this time, alongside its closest rival, Samsung's Galaxy Note. It looks like you're going to get those suit pockets let out a little if you're interested in picking up the Optimus Vu -- it's a fair bit wider than even the Galaxy Note. We also get a real world glimpse at the Vu's hardware, which sports a bevel design similar to that of LG's recent Prada team-up. Unfortunately, there's just the one lonely comparison photo to go on, although an extra screen grab of some note-taking features has also surfaced. Will the LG's big phone / tiny tablet arrive packing a stylus? We'll have to wait until we get our hands on one -- or a more detailed leak. We've included a peek at the note annotation app right after the break.