Sony prepping power outlet that demands payment, identification

Sony Power Outlet

We're already counting down the days until these bad boys find themselves in your local cafe and airport terminal. Sony is working on power outlets that are able to identify a user and determine their permissions at that particular socket. With the quick tap of a card, phone or other NFC device your authentication info is passed to a server over the powerline itself. The tech could be used to manage power consumption or prevent theft, but the more obvious and immediate use will be to make a quick buck. The chips at the heart of the platform are compatible with Sony's FeliCa NFC payment system -- which means travelers waiting at Narita International Airport could soon be paying for both WiFi and to keep their laptop juiced when their flight is inevitably delayed. On the other hand, perhaps being able to charge for a charge will convince New York City Starbucks to give us our outlets back. Check out the source link for some machine translated PR.