Vita's North American commercial has 'Bad Intentions'

For the Vita launch (psst, it's next week), the Europeans are receiving an extravagant big-budget looking ad, while North America gets something that could have been produced with handycams and a copy of iMovie. But, hey now, at least it shows off the Vita for more than 20 frames and promotes some functionality!

Also, as stated earlier today, the North American Vita ad would have to feature the #gamechanger Twitter hashtag -- it's a cornerstone of modern American marketing!

"You will find the television commercials featured during primetime programming on some of your favorite networks including Fox, Comedy Central and ESPN," Senior VP of PlayStation Brand Marketing Guy Longworth wrote on the PS Blog. "Residents of New York, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco will notice PS Vita on buildings and billboards. You'll find it on your favorite websites and on your favorite radio stations. Wherever you are, PS Vita aims to be."

Sony plans to spend $50 million on Vita marketing, "the largest platform launch in terms of marketing investment" it's ever had. #gamechanger