Comcast slows the flood of video customer losses in Q4 2011

It's not often that a company announced it lost 17,000 customers in a quarter and that's considered good news, but for Comcast that's exactly the case when it comes to cable TV. Compared to the 135,000 customers lost in the same period a year ago (which was also lower than the year that preceded it), it's a slowing of a trend over the last few years and if you believe cord cutting is taking a toll on Big Cable, could indicate that is tailing off as well. That's not all of the good news however, as it also increased the number of customers picking up extra services like internet and phone. We didn't get too many tidbits from the earnings call, but did hear a mention that it's investing in new cloud-based software for its TV boxes -- hopefully that means we'll see that new Xfinity TV guide roll out widely sooner rather than later.