Iraq war veteran's iPod found 6,000 miles away, returned to him

You always hear about a lost cat or a dog traveling hundreds of miles to find its owner. Here's a story from WFMY2 News in Greensboro, NC about an iPod that traveled thousands of miles to make its way home to a soldier in Iraq. The story begins with Venice Curtis,who had an iPod that he used for music, to take photos and keep track of contacts while serving in the Middle East. He sent the device home to Louisiana, but it was lost in transit. Believing the device was gone, Curtis got a new one for Christmas.

In the meantime, fourteen-year-old Dalton Williams was at Cone Hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina. Deep in the crack of a waiting room couch, he found an iPod. He reached down into the crevice, so small his hand could barely fit, and pulled out the device. Browsing through the iPod, he saw pictures of military helicopters and names of people with their ranks. After doing some sleuthing with his Dad, Williams found Venice Curtis, the iPod's rightful owner. The teenager sent the device back to Curtis, with a note thanking him for his service to our country.

Curtis talked to News 2 and said he was thankful that Williams sent him his iPod back, but was more grateful for the heartfelt note.