Nikon WT-5 WiFi dongle wins FCC approval, fires off a ring of D4s to celebrate

Okay, so Bullet Time actually used Canon cameras, but Nikon D4 owners should soon have their own means of messing with space and time. The WT-5 dongle can control up to ten of the mammoth DSLRs simultaneously or, in more usual set-ups, allow a single camera to share its shots over a network. This'll mean you're no longer tied down by the Ethernet cable that we were forced to use in our recent networking hands-on with the D4. We don't know if this will arrive in stores at the same time as the camera itself, or how much it'll cost, but at least it's now passed through FCC without getting shot down. Click past the break for a few product shots, and note that the status LED glows solid green when there's a network connection, flashes to indicate a transfer in progress, and radiates nasty orange to inform your lead actor that he'll have to bend over backwards for yet another take.