Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to debut at MWC? Definitely, maybe.

We've all heard of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Note... but the Galaxy Note 10.1? That's a new one to us. The pinch of salt you should take this with could rim the entire nation's margarita glasses for a year, but hints have come from more than one source now that Samsung has an up-sized styli-friendly slate in the works. The unconfirmed device was listed on the Samsung site, alongside the standard Note, Wave 3 and Wave Y as being highlighted at a developer event at MWC. We'd have ignored it and written it off as a typo if it wasn't for a listing at Backstage looking for "teen student" to use "his Galaxy Note 10.1." Intriguing, no? Even more suspicious, both the casting call and the developer day listing have been removed. Of course, it's entirely possible that both appearances of the Note 10.1 were simple typos but, we won't lie, we're really hoping a larger sized slate with an S Pen.

Update: Samsung told us that it doesn't "comment on future product announcements." Looks like we'll have to wait.