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Aquos SH-06D and Medias Tab N-06D are waterproof, Nottv-ready and official in Japan

NTT DoCoMo has launched two waterproof Android devices in the glare of the rising sun, and interestingly both are compatible with Japan's new "V-High" broadcasting service -- which means they'll receive the much-hyped multimedia Nottv channel once it starts transmitting on April 1st, as well as the usual one-seg transmissions. We already peeped the Sharp Aquos SH-06D in an FCC filing, but now we know a couple more tidbits: namely that there's a 4.5-inch HD glasses-free 3D display on top of a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. The NEC Medias tablet has a similar processor and also sports a seven-inch WXGA HD display, a thickness of less than 10mm (0.4-inches) plus compatibility with DoCoMo's "Xi" LTE service. Not bad for a morning's work.