Google files patent app for unlocking devices, says we don't need no stinking slide-to-unlock

Apple's legal assault on Android has ratcheted up another notch with Cupertino's newest complaint against Samsung, in which it alleges a bevy of devices infringe upon its slide-to-unlock patent. Help may be on the way, however, as a recent Google patent application shows Mountain View aims to acquire some device-unlocking IP of its own. Titled "Input to Locked Computing Device," the application claims a method for a device unlocking process using one or more user inputs while simultaneously executing a command -- like calling a specific contact or opening an application. Those user inputs can take the form of passcodes, touch and drag, or audio commands. While the application's drawings depict such a system on a phone, it claims an unlocking system for desktops and laptops as well, so it could easily find its way onto a Chromebook or two. Of course, it's just an application, so there's no telling when, or if, it'll actually become an addition to Android's courtroom arsenal, but feel free to check out the app itself by surfing on over to the source link below.