Lehmann Aviation's LFPV UAV packs GPS, autopilot, 11MP cam, 1080p video, yours for $2,352

Sure, an AR.Drone 2.0 will afford you 720p HD video recording in the skies for just 300 dollars, but how does 1080p with 11 megapixels of sensor sound in comparison? That's exactly what Lehmann Aviation is offering on its new LFPV civil UAV. This $2,352 (1790€) kit is far less expensive than the company's $17K LP960 from a few years back, but it certainly isn't lacking in the drool inducing features department -- and yes, it'll capture straight up photographs, too. Apart from letting you conduct reconnaissance of your local strip mall, the LFPV packs a "live data connection" to keep you informed about its GPS coordinates and altitude, among others things, like how soon you'll need to recharge. Better yet, it uses the same Ground Control System as Lehmann's other flyers (perfect for when it's time to upgrade), offering an 800 x 480 live video stream of your journey and total control of where you're piloting the aircraft. Best of all, the LFPV even packs autopilot if you need to take a break from the controls . We'd be remiss not to point out Eye3's $999 bring-your-own-camera hexicopter for those already equipped with a beefy ILC shooter, but if the LFPV is right up (or over) your alley, you'll find a full press release and video just past the break.

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LFPV UAV Features All New Camera with 11Mp sensor for still images or Full HD videos, Ground Control System (GCS) with Live Video and On-Screen Data Display (OSD) for live video feedback and GPS data information

BLOIS, FRANCE - February 16, 2012 - Lehmann Aviation, manufacturer of the world's first very light UAV for civil applications, today announced LFPV, the most amazing UAV (unmanned aircraft vehicle) yet. LFPV gives instant access to aerial photography and video with a 11Mp sensor for still images or full 1080p HD video.

LFPV is the first professional aircraft worldwide coming with GPS data information and auto-pilot system, at only 1790€ ready to fly.

New features include live data connection (GPS coordinates, altitude, heading, batteries levels and aircraft position) to the Ground Control System (GCS). Live video shown on the ground control high resolution (800x480) screen display enables precise monitoring of video recording, with an ability to control trajectory in real time.

To ensure system interoperability, LFPV uses the same advanced technology found in other Lehmann systems, such as LM450, LP960 and LV580, and is controllable through a common Ground Control System (GCS).

Watch the video at:

---- IN THE LFPV BOX ----

1 Aircraft Airframe
1 Electronic flying platform (with data OSD)
1 complete Ground Control System (GCS)
1 Camera (full HD video & 11Mp still images)
1 Aircraft Power System (include 1 battery and charger)
1 year warranty

LFPV optional equipment:

Spare Aircraft Airframe
Additional batteries
Customized case for transportation

Kit photo at:

---- A FULL RANGE OF UAVs ----

Lehmann Aviation offers a full range of rugged unmanned aircraft, designed especially for civil sector, from agricultural to construction, needed for video monitoring, survey and diverse scientific applications. The aircraft enable easy and safe operations thanks to their light weight (less than 1,3kg) and small wingspan (92cm) :

LFPV: designed for short range and low altitude missions. Radio controlled aircraft with On Screen GPS data display (OSD).
LM450: designed for long range photo and video missions, with a full auto-pilot system and 5km range.
LP960: designed for long range vertical images (orthophoto and mosaic) , with a full auto-pilot system and 5km range.
LV580: designed for long range survey or live video missions, with a full auto-pilot system and 5km range.

With wind resistance up to 25kt (45km/h) and payload up to 16Mp on a large APS-C sensor, Lehmann Aviation aircraft are the most versatile small UAVs, with very few operational restrictions.

Lehmann Aircraft allow their owners to make incredible aerial images, photos or videos, in a very simple way.


LFPV from 1 790€: available end of February 2012
LM450 from 4 490€: in production
LP960 from 7 990€: in production
LV580 from 14 990 €: in production