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PSA: AT&T's Galaxy Note does not support AWS for HSPA+

Specs aren't always accurate, especially when it comes to the frequencies supported by the devices we review -- something we learned the hard way with T-mobile's G2x last year. While both Samsung and AT&T list the radios in the awesome new Galaxy Note LTE as quadband GSM / EDGE, tri-band UMTS / HSPA+ (850 / 1900 / 2100MHz) and dual-band LTE (1700 and 700MHz, bands 4 and 17) we've read emails, tweets and comments suggesting that Samsung's giant phone (or little tablet?) is also compatible with AWS (1700 MHz) for HSPA+, which is used by T-Mobile in the US. Bell, which carries the same Galaxy Note in Canada, shows it supporting 1700MHz for HSPA+, further adding to the confusion. Of course, it's possible the Canadian handset is slightly different, but we wanted to verify the radio specs for AT&T's model so we unlocked our white review unit with the help from our friends at Negri Electronics. The verdict? AT&T's Galaxy Note does not support AWS for HSPA+ -- it's EDGE only on T-Mobile USA. Sure, it's rather unfortunate considering Samsung's flagship unlocked Galaxy Nexus features a pentaband HSPA+ radio, but to be clear, the same restriction applies to the global non-LTE version of the Galaxy Note that we reviewed last year.