Samsung's 2012 HDTV family prices leaked?

In the market for a HDTV upgrade? Then you may be interested in hearing how much you'll need to pony up for Samsung's new screens. HDGuru's got its hands on a whole list of purported MAPs (minimum advertised prices) for its 2012 range and, sadly, they're slightly pricier than last year's models. You will, however, be getting some extra bang for your buck; its latest top-end sets include built-in cameras, speech recognition and gesture-sensing remotes. The LED LCD 8000 series of Smart TVs maxes out at 75 inches ($7,299), "shrinking" down to a 46 inch model ($2,699). These all pack a 3D screen alongside dual-core processors for TV-based apps. Meanwhile, if you're in the market for a plasma, expect to pay around $2,249 for the 51 inch model with the same specifications outlined above, while a 64 inch vista will necessitate 3,399 notes. Prices aren't set in stone just yet and could change depending on competitor's pricing ahead of hitting the shelves. We're hoping any potential price adjustments will be in the downward direction. Also of note: in 2012 you may not be able to find deep discounts at online shops like Amazon vs. big box retailers like Best Buy, as HDGuru mentions Samsung is reportedly looking to enforce Apple-style uniform pricing on its high-end products. Check the full -- and pretty darn comprehensive -- list at the source below.