Blockbuster On Demand pulls back from TiVo and others, is it on its way out?

From Zatz Not Funny comes word that TiVo owners are being notified their access to Blockbuster On Demand will come to an end March 31st, ending a run originally announced three years before. While this certainly affects TiVo's ability to offer the one box to search multiple services idea introduced with the Premiere, it could be more telling about Blockbuster's plans for the current incarnation of its internet movie service. As forum posters on TiVo Community point out, the list of supported devices is rapidly shrinking, with Vizio and Western Digital WD TV Live owners getting their own Dear John letters only a year or so after the app originally rolled out. Currently, the list of connected TV devices is limited exclusively to Samsung HDTVs and Blu-ray players, plus some cellphones and tablets. Once upon a time, Blockbuster desired an On Demand presence in "nearly every connected device" -- not to mention "major market presence" for the now Redbox-owned Express kiosks -- but after its purchase by Dish Network clearly those days are over. Now the only question is if / when we'll see a new service that better fits with the already announced Movie Pass package and what devices it might work on.