The Queue: Comeback Kid

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

The new Sleigh Bells album is almost out! Aaahhh! I've heard the whole thing and, minus this song and one or two others, it's a lot less raucous than I thought it would be, based on Treats. I still like it, though.

Simpsons Rule asked:

I have a question: Has the Daily Quest column been canceled? There hasn't been a post since January 27.

Nope! Not in spirit, anyway. Some of you guys may have noticed slight changes in the format here, and this is one of them. Basically, we're trying to make sure that really cool stuff like interesting community blogs and fan creations doesn't get lost in our daily content cycle. To that end, we're spotlighting things more individually and not under a single banner like The Daily Quest. You'll note we've done this with other columns as well, like our roleplaying column, among others.

Revynn asked:

What new tamable hunter pets would you like to see in MoP?

I'm a little biased, but I really want to see ungulates (like talbuks) be tameable. If you can tame a dinosaur or a hellbeast, you can tame an antelope.

intellectspeaks asked:

Would anyone be interested in commenting why the Heart of the Aspects mount in the pet store is BoP to the character that it is sent to, unlike Guardian Cub that was blizzard's experiment in BoE pet sales?

I'm curious as to what others think about the future of the blizzard's pet store as well as if this means the guardian cub was a failed test in uncharted waters.

I'm not sure we can really infer anything from this particular mount; Blizzard did say that the Guardian Cub was just a test, so expecting future store items not to be BoE/tradeable is more reasonable than expecting otherwise. I think the other issue is long-term viability of the item. It's not reusable, so the only reason you'd buy a second pet (or mount, or whatever) is for an alt. At what point does the gold gained from selling a highly proliferated single-use item stop being worth spending real money on it? Judging from the Guardian Cub, probably pretty quickly.

There's a reason why most games with cash shops make their money off of easily consumed, stackable items.

Deedea asked:

Last night I recieved an email from Blizzard Entertainment, addressed to one of my character names offering 7 free days. "Experience the Fall of Deathwing When You Return to World of Warcraft". Is this email real?

Yes, Blizzard has been sending these emails out. As always, make sure that the URL an email leads you to is legit before hitting buttons or giving out information.

katie.tiedeman asked:

Has there been any lore reason why there isn't a regular green drake mount? Bronze comes from Culling of Stratholme, Blue from Malygos, Red you buy from Wyrmrest, Black drops from Sartharion. Are the green dragons too busy dreaming to cart our butts around?

Nope, no lore reason -- no stated reason by the devs, though, either! Probably just an oversight. Admittedly, they haven't really matched thematically with anything we've been doing in the last two expansions, and the rest of the colored drakes we've been riding have.

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