Microsoft says Office for iPad story is based on 'inaccurate rumors and speculation' (updated)

The Daily got a lot of folks hopes up earlier today with a rumor that Office would soon be making an appearance on the iPad, but Microsoft is now throwing a bit of cold water on that news. While it's not exactly an outright denial that such an app is coming, a Microsoft spokesperson has now told The New York Times' Bits website that "The Daily story is based on inaccurate rumors and speculation," adding only that it has "no further comment" at this time. ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, however, is further reporting that Microsoft is specifically saying that the screenshot accompanying The Daily's story is not a real picture of a Microsoft product.

Update: For its part, The Daily is standing by its story. Editor Peter Ha posted a reply to Foley on Twitter, stating that "we did not fabricate either image. A working version of the app was demoed to us by someone at Microsoft."

Update 2: Microsoft has chimed in yet again on the matter, this time in the form of a tweet that reads: "Great respect for The Daily but regrettably someone is giving them bad info, and that'll be clear in the 'coming weeks.'" Yes, they put "coming weeks" in quotes themselves.