Moneto's $30 Android mobile payment kit goes on sale, brings contactless payments to six Samsungs

Not everyone's smartphone has NFC, and of those that do, an even smaller subset have official Google Wallet support. It would seem Mountain View's complacency is Moneto's gain, as the outfit's recently put up for sale its $30 NFC-enabled microSD card -- enabling plebes everywhere sans contactless circuitry to sashay their way into mobile payment heaven. That card is also stuffed with 1GB of storage for your exploits and those plunking down three Hamiltons are also privy to a $10 credit thrown in. There's one caveat, however, as per its website the service currently only works on variants of the Galaxy S (including carrier permutations like the Vibrant, Fascinate and Galaxy S 4G). Support for an additional forty devices is inbound but before committing, we'd peep the latest compatibility info from the horse's mouth in the more coverage link we've included below.

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moneto brings NFC Mobile Wallet to Six Additional Smartphones, Announcing the First Wave of Compatible Android Devices

Six Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphones now supported on the moneto mobile wallet in addition to the iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS and 3G.

Richardson, Texas (PRWEB) February 20, 2012

Today moneto announced the first line of compatible Android smartphone devices with the moneto mobile wallet. The mobile wallet was launched earlier this year during CES and became the world's first mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) wallet supporting both the iPhone and Android platforms for mobile payments using the In2Pay™ microSD by DeviceFidelity, Inc. With a General Purpose Reloadable prepaid NFC enabled account personalized in the microSD, 1GB of storage for photos, videos and music, and a compact design so universal it can be used with millions of phones on the market today, consumers can now make in-store purchases with their Android and iPhone at hundreds of thousands of NFC enabled merchants nationwide. The moneto mobile wallet for Android is $29.95 (US) with $10 preloaded onto the account and is available to order online at

"Innovative, affordable and robust, moneto is the ultimate mobile wallet experience," said Youri Bebic, DeviceFidelity's General Manager for moneto programs. "This line of Android phones is only the first of many to come. With more models slated for release in the next coming months, the moneto brand will continue to expand and incorporate value added features to achieve a rich mobile wallet that streamlines and enhances the purchase process."

This multi-platform mobile wallet is now available for use with Android on the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (international GSM unlocked version), Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Mesmerize, Samsung Showcase, Samsung Galaxy S 4G and the Samsung Epic 4G devices. The moneto line up of phones now include at least two popular smartphones across all 4 major wireless carriers in the USA (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S at AT&T; iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and Samsung Fascinate at Verizon; iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and Epic 4G at Sprint; and Samsung Vibrant and Galaxy S 4G at T-Mobile.

The moneto mobile wallet kit for Android requires a simple user installation that enables these smartphones for mobile payments. Unlike other programs where consumers carry specialized devices or devices deformed by applying external contactless payment stickers, moneto users can use their phones discreetly and safely. The moneto wallet PIN is stored safely on the secure chip inside the microSD making it safe and secure for consumers. moneto is safe from unauthorized use if the handset is left with screen unlocked as moneto users are required to consciously launch the moneto application and enter their PIN before payment can be activated. If moneto users want to upgrade their phone to another supported model, they can simply remove the microSD and take it with them to their new device, eliminating the risk of their balance or private data left behind on the old phone. Account credentials are encrypted within the microSD for ultimate security. With credentials securely stored on the microSD, users can make mobile payments regardless of cell reception, offering unparalleled purchase transaction reliability.

Every mobile wallet kit comes with a moneto microSD, a patented NFC antenna sticker applicator, a prepaid magnetic stripe plastic card allowing users to access ATM's nationwide, and $10 preloaded onto the account. The moneto app can be downloaded from the Android Market and comes complete with a reload feature to add funds to moneto, a locator that lists merchants that accept NFC payments by zip code or current location, and will soon include card to card transfers as well as integrated cash back offers.

Pricing & Availability

The moneto mobile wallet is available for order online at today. The moneto mobile wallet is available on two platforms, a microSD and iCaisse combination for iPhone with a retail price of $79.95 (US) including $10 preloaded, and for Android models* a microSD with 1GB storage combined with a booster sticker for $29.95 (US) including $10 preloaded.

Additional accessories are available online at
*For a full list of compatible phones visit
About moneto:

moneto is a prepaid mobile wallet application that enables your favorite phones to make mobile payments with a cool technology called Near Field Communications, sometimes abbreviated to NFC. With moneto you can pay for purchases at more than 120,000 NFC enabled merchant locations nationwide and globally. moneto is based on technology developed by DeviceFidelity, Inc and Spring Card Systems, LLC. For more information visit, follow us on Twitter @moneto_me or at