Patent application hints at Voice Actions for Google TV

Google TV Voice Actions

Android on your phone can send texts, perform searches, set alarms and execute plenty of other tasks with little more than a simple voice command. Google TV is, for all intents and purposes, just Android blown up to fill your 42-inch TV -- so it would only make sense that Voice Actions might one day come to the Mountain View-branded set top solution. Well, a patent application filed back in September hints that just such a thing is on its way. Rather than require new hardware though, an Android phone would act as an intermediary, passing commands to the Google TV device. An added bonus to being able to ask your TV "when is Seinfeld on?" is that, since the phone is actually passing on the instructions, you can control your set remotely. As an example the filing suggests using GPS to determine when a user is within a quarter mile of their home, then turning on the TV and tuning in to whatever station happens to be airing The Soup Nazi. Hit up the source for all the details.