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Raspberry Pi wears a new Fedora (video)

If you've been keeping an eye on this tasty little computer, you'll know it's a pretty exciting concept already. To further sweeten the deal, it just got its own version of Fedora. A special "remix" edition has been ported over to the micro-machine by a team at Seneca College. Although there's already a Debian release for the diminutive device, the project's official blog states that Fedora Remix is the distribution it'll be recommending to users. The OS image fits on a 2GB memory card, and comes complete with a GUI, programming and system administration tools, web browser and other essential apps to get you going. If you want to see the Pi in action, there's a video after the break demonstrating the OS, along with a look at that user interface. As for that February 20th release date, sadly that seems less reliable.