T-Mobile wants FCC to block Verizon's spectrum deals with cable industry

Call it sour grapes, posturing... whatever you want. The fact remains that T-Mobile has stuck its nose in the middle of Verizon's quest to bulk up its wireless portfolio. Big Magenta filed a request with the FCC on Tuesday, asking the regulatory agency to step in and block the transfer of AWS spectrum licenses from Cox, Time Warner, Comcast and Bright House to Verizon. The deals, which will cost the carrier roughly $3.9 billion, are already drawing interest from the Justice Department, which is concerned it'll place too much control in the company's hands. T-Mobile, the smallest of the nationwide carriers, is equally worried about the concentration of spectrum in Verizon's big red paws. Presumably, though, that has more to do with its inability to purchase it -- especially in the aftermath of the collapsed AT&T merger. Metro PCS and some public advocacy groups also voiced their opposition, while Sprint took a more measured approach, saying only that the FCC should look closely at the agreements. See, handset makers aren't the only mobile companies that can whip up a good legal drama.