'Hugo' director Martin Scorsese, cast explain the advantages of shooting movies in 3D (video)

We'll have to wait until this weekend to find out if Martin Scorsese's Hugo takes home any hardware from the Academy Awards, but we've got an early preview of one the Blu-ray 3D release's special features right here. Press play to hear the director explain why 3D affects the storytelling by bringing in qualities usually found in the theater to film, as well as comments from actors Christopher Lee and Sascha Baron Cohen. Scorsese explains "We see in 3D, we see in space... most of us do. Space is part of our lives. It means something. I think, for the individual person who has a vision of telling a story through images, how that person uses space -- that extra element, that extra dimension -- to tell a story is very, very important." Adapted from a book inspired by filmmaker Georges Méliès, the movie hits stores February 28th -- check out the trailer after the break.