Mozilla rumored to debut LG-made Boot to Gecko device at MWC

Mozilla hasn't exactly been quiet about the fact that it has some big stuff to show off at Mobile World Congress. We've already gotten a peek at Boot to Gecko and it's announced it'll be joining the app market fray. But, what we haven't heard anything about just yet, is hardware. A mobile operating system and software outlet are only useful if you've got a physical platform to run it on. Now rumors are circulating that LG is in cahoots with the makers of Firefox and will be building developer hardware for its fledgling OS. Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich has said publicly his foundation will be at MWC with "partners..." plural. Who exactly those ally companies are isn't clear, but we'd say it's safe to assume there is at least one hardware maker in the mix. And, if the sources at ExtremeTech are right, that manufacturer already has a rather busy schedule. We'll just have to wait till we land Barcelona to find out for sure.