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ASUS Transformer TF101 Ice Cream Sandwich update rolling out now in the US

Just as the official ASUS Twitter account foretold, today is the day WiFi Eee Pad Transformers meet Android 4.0 in the US (3G devices and other international users are still on the waiting list). Our tipsters and posters on XDA-Developers have reported receiving the rollout OTA, and for those interested -- it apparently does not affect the status of rooted devices. Start mashing that check update button and let us know how Ice Cream Sandwich feels on your dockable slates.

Update: Outside the land of the free and the home of the Daytona 500? You may still be in luck, we're hearing it's out in Canada, ASUS' UK Twitter account confirmed today's the day across the pond, plus ASUS gave the good news to the land down under via Facebook. Check the company's Campus Life blog for a list of changes.

[Thanks, James, Rob & Udupa]