Google's 'continuous gesture' patent application runs circles around copy and paste

You know the drill, you're browsing an article about volcanos on your phone and want to know more about Eyjafjallajokull. You've got two options, commit that bad-boy to memory, or fiddle with copy and paste. Well, Google not only feels your pain, but has some medicine for it too -- if a patent filing is anything to go by. The application describes a two-part continuous gesture for easier searching on touchscreens. Imagine drawing a "g" with your finger, then circling the text or image you want to search in one motion, and you'll get the basic drift. It's also indicated that different letters could be drawn to search different sites, "w" for Wikipedia, "y" for Yahoo and so on. The patent also includes methods to search for multiple words from the same text, or even words and images. Certainly it's not too much of a stretch to imagine this becoming a standard part of Android, but, as always, we don't know for sure. That said, chances are we'll still be typing out our Icelandic friend's name by the time we do find out.