The Queue: I'm on the bus

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

I follow a lot of people on Twitter, but one of my favorites is @beebee880, probably the nicest guy on the internet and a big fan of buses in general. My friend Satellite High made a split EP with Bert Smith that's all about Beebee's bus-related obsessions and it's pretty rad. You should go get it.

Puntable asked:

Why do you think they made the raid hit cap for casters more than twice as much as it is for melee?

Easy answer! Melee classes also have to deal with expertise, so it balances out in the end.

Gregorysoble asked:

Why are important lore characters unnaturally bigger than normal members of their race? For instance Thrall is like a giant in DS! And the Aspects too. If they are going to take a human or elvan form then wouldn't you think they'd pick a more realistic size so they can fit in better?

There isn't a lore explanation for this one; it's purely gameplay. Blizzard makes lore characters, especially ones involved in encounters, bigger because it's easier for people to see them and click on them when they're twice as big as normal. Trying to find a regular human-sized mob in a pack of 25 people (or adds) would be pretty difficult, health bars and nametags aside.

direbadgercvlry asked:

Do you think we'll see a savagekin class for the 4 main Druid races? I.E Savagekin class- rabid, melee damage centered on bleeds and diseases, spirit walker, melee damage with strikes centered on summoning spirits to buff and debuff, skin walker for another spec just can't think of a niche the skin walker would fill, even knowing the lore behind them.

Unlikely. Savagekin are only ever mentioned in the RPG books, and Blizzard has been upfront about those not being canon. Besides, "druids but more extreme" isn't really a compelling class idea. Let's focus on the new and cool.

Quasimofo asked:

Here's a technical question - Often when farming for transmog drops I'll end up killing huge piles of mobs at once to save time. The problem is in sorting through all the garbage looking for those rare greens. Is there a way to change your loot threshold on a personal level, so even if you are alone, you will only get sparkly corpses if there's something green or better in there?

You can't set your own loot threshold in the default UI, but there are addons that can do it for you. Commenter Aaron recommended LootFilter, which even lets you skip specific items while looting, not just certain-quality items.

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