Huawei Ascend D Quad (hands-on)

It's no secret that Huawei is intent on joining the big boys in the smartphone arena, and the Ascend D Quad is undoubtedly its most promising attempt yet. The manufacturer is determined to make some serious headway into the world of handset relevance dominance, and the Ascend D Quad -- alongside its larger-battery XL brother -- are ready to play ball in the specs game. With a homegrown 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, 8MP rear camera, 720p display and plenty more components that top the charts, we think the chance of Huawei making a big name for itself is more promising than it ever has before.

We just took an opportunity to play around with the potential game-changer, and our initial impressions were quite positive. Immediately, our attention was drawn to the display itself, which boasts incredibly vibrant colors and excellent viewing angles. And the device, with its elegant soft-touch back, was incredibly comfortable to hold -- in fact, it felt much similar to the Honor in many respects, with the exception of its width. The unit we played with was running on stock ICS, but it's quite possible this won't be the final software version when the thing is fully baked. We hope to get add more impressions throughout the week as we go to Huawei's booth and spend some more quality time. For now, however, check out a few images below.

Dana Wollman and Brad Molen contributed to this report.