AT&T service in the works to let app developers pay for users' data use

AT&T has been makingnews all over MWC in the past couple of days. The most recent report from The Wall Street Journal says that Ma Bell is planning a service that will enable app devs and other content providers to pay the carrier for subscriber's data usage. AT&T's head of network and technology said today that "A feature that we're hoping to have out sometime next year is the equivalent of 800 numbers that would say, if you take this app, this app will come without any network usage." Donovan goes on to say that interest is swirling from companies that offer services like streaming music and video that feed on a steady diet of data and that the carrier's rollout of LTE would make the new service possible. Imagine if your Spotify habit didn't eat up a chunk of your precious monthly allotment. Sounds pretty good, eh? We're going to withhold judgment to see what mobile services adopt the new plan and continue to keep our Yacht Rock playlist(s) to a minimum.