Panasonic Eluga Power: hands-on at MWC 2012 (video)

Panasonic is keeping busy. Interested by the OLED screened Eluga, but yearning for a bigger screen and the chance dance along the bleeding edge of Android? Then welcome the Eluga Power. With a 5-inch LCD display and Ice Cream Sandwich already on the device, Panasonic was ready to show off its Eluga Power prototype. We had to drop by to see the phone in action and the Japanese manufacturer was more than happy to oblige. Check the gallery below, while our hands-on video and first impressions await after the break.

Unfortunately, the Power disappointed us, after falling deeply in love with the smooth curves of the Eluga. While the screen is bigger, running at 720p resolution, that LCD doesn't stand up the smaller model's sharp, luminous OLED display. According to Panasonic's spokesperson, this device also features a removable battery, while the shell still remains waterproof. The UI is currently stock Ice Cream Sandwich, another boon over the smaller Eluga. However, Android 4.0 wasn't formatted correctly for the screen and behaved pretty erratically. Panasonic has some time to iron out these issues; the Eluga Power is currently gearing up for a Europe release this June, although there's still no word on any American retail appearance.