Skype app launches beta version on Windows Phone Mango and up (video)

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Skype app launches beta version on Windows Phone Mango and up (video)

In the midst of this week's mobile madness, Skype has announced that its finally ready to arrive on its good friend's mobile platform. Yes, Windows Phone is getting its very own Skype app -- at least, a beta version. Compatible devices include the Nokia Lumia 710, Lumia 800, HTC Titan, Radar, Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash. A spokesperson has told us that the app will be available on most devices running Windows Phone 7.5 and above. This early version will allow free audio and video calls over WiFi or 3G, alongside those any-number paid-for calls. There's a brief video overview right after the break and the beta's available to download now.

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Skype brings voice and video calling to Windows Phone users around the globe

Many of you have been waiting for this. And today we are excited to announce our new Skype for Windows Phone Beta app. This now makes Skype available on almost all of the leading mobile smartphone operating systems. The gold version of the app will be available in April, but starting today, you will be able to download the beta version to test drive Skype for Windows Phone and share your feedback with us.

Skype for Windows Phone Beta* supports the most important Skype features you've come to know and love. And you will be especially thrilled by the clean and simple Skype experience that the Metro user interface delivers on your Windows Phone. It has never before been so easy to connect with the people you care about most.

With Skype for Windows Phone Beta you can make free audio and video calls** to your Skype contacts over 3G and 4G or WiFi***, make affordable calls to landlines and mobiles using Skype Credit, create and hold one-to-one and group chats, and update your profile and account information, among others features.

This is only the beginning for Skype for Windows's just going to get better and better. We see incredible potential to include Skype capabilities in Windows Phone in order to enable a great experience for you.

You can download the beta version of the Skype for Windows Phone app for free**** by clicking here directly from your Windows Phone, or simply scanning the QR code below. You will need to have a smartphone running Windows Phone 7.5. You can check what version of Windows Phone your phone is running at Settings > About.

We have already tested and certified the following devices for the best performance of Skype for Windows Phone:

· Nokia Lumia 710

· Nokia Lumia 800

· HTC Titan

· HTC Radar

· Samsung Focus S

· Samsung Focus Flash
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